Can You Put Things in Your Car When You Ship It?

Can You Put Things in Your Car When You Ship It?

Can You Put Things in Your Car When You Ship It?

Wow. You’re finally moving, huh? Big day.

There are a bunch of things to contemplate when making a move. One of them is shipping your car. With so many items to transport, won’t it be great to save some space? Well, good news. You can do it by placing some of your belongings inside your automobile.

But the ultimate question is…

Should You Put Things In Your Car When You Ship It?

If you want to abide by the rules, then the answer is no. However, if you’re willing to take risks, some shipping companies will allow you to do it. For an extra price, of course! It’s all a matter of disposition. When choosing the latter, you should know that particular limitations and risks apply to this situtation.

Here are some essential things to know about shipping items together in your car.

Theft is A Common Enemy

Fun fact: the trailer transporting your car doesn’t straight up head to its destination. It stops by different places along the way. Unless it’s an enclosed trailer, most of these carriers don’t offer much security against theft. That’s why packing personal items or valuables in your car is a terrible idea. Remember, your shipping company won’t be held responsible for lost objects.

How Much Weight Can You Carry?

You can’t just load everything into your car till there’s no more space left. Shipping companies highly discourage it. Excess weight from your vehicle will hinder the transport. The standard limit set by almost every carrier is 100 lbs. — anything more than that, and you’ll have to pay additional fees.

You can’t just load your vehicle to the brim.

The ‘Window Rule’

In addition to weight control, there’s another interesting rule for you to follow. The window rule states that all items loaded into a car must not exceed the vehicle’s window-level. This helps lower the chances of theft since someone outside won’t be able to see items inside as well.

Risk of Damage

Long-distance travel isn’t exactly a smooth ride. Some roads will be bumpy, which causes your car to tumble inside the trailer. The impact will make items inside shake as well. This back-and-forth shifting causes some objects to hit and damage vital areas of your car. Note that insurance won’t cover damages caused by excess weight so pack your items responsibly.

How To Prepare Your Car for Shipping?

If you’re still intent on packing some stuff into your car, inform your shipping company beforehand. That way, you can openly discuss specifics and additional charges.

Here are some preparations you can do before delivery:

  1. Wash your car
  2. Clear the inside of trash or personal items such as phones and gadgets
  3. Disable the alarm
  4. Drain the fuel tank (Preferably down to ¼)
  5. Inspect pipes for leakage
  6. Check fluid systems
  7. Make sure the tires are inflated
  8. Detach custom car accessories
  9. Ensure that the car is locked

No matter the circumstances, one thing is for sure. Your shipping company won’t allow you to leave valuables inside your car for good reason. Plus, it might actually cost more money to pay for extra fees when the weight exceeds the limits.

In the end, the final call is for you to decide. You might be better off just letting the moving company transport all your personal belongings for you.

In the end, the final call is for you to decide.

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