How Much Does It Cost To Transport a Car 1000 Miles?

How Much Does It Cost To Transport a Car 1000 Miles?

How Much Does It Cost To Transport a Car 1000 Miles?

People ship their cars for various reasons.

Whether you’re relocating to a new job or you just bought a car from another state, hiring a shipping company is the most practical way of moving the vehicle. Not only safer, but it also saves you time and energy compared to driving it yourself.

So, going back to your question…

How Much Does it Cost To Transport A Car?

Honestly, there’s no single definitive answer to this question. Several factors can influence the final price for car shipment, so it’s kind of hard to tell.

But for now, to give a rough estimate, the national average is about $950. Hence, the cost for your shipment can be any figure within $700 to $1200. Plus, to specifically answer the headline, it’ll cost you more or less $750 to transport your car 1000 miles away.

If you want a more specific proxy, these are the average price for car shipping by region:

  • East Coast to West Coast: $1,100
  • Midwest to East Coast: $700
  • Midwest to West Coast: $900
  • South to North: $750

SUVs and pick-up trucks are more expensive to transport since they’re heavier. Here are the national average cost for moving these vehicles:

  • East Coast to West Coast: $1300
  • Midwest to East Coast: $750
  • Midwest to West Coast: $1,050
  • South to North: $810

In relation to these figures, the main defining factors that determine transport cost include:

  • Distance to be traveled
  • Car model (Luxury cars cost extra)
  • Size and weight of your vehicle
  • Transportation method (open or closed trailer)
  • Delivery time frame

There’s no single definitive answer to this question.

The Effect of Seasons on Shipment Cost

Different weather conditions have diverse effects on people, the road, and the trailer trucks during shipment. That’s why transport cost varies per season.


You’re lucky if you happen to move during spring because it’s the best season to ship your car. The weather is nice, and people aren’t in a rush, so that traffic will be fine. Rates are lowest during this time of the year. However, as the days slowly transition to summer, expect to see rates on the rise again.


Welcome to the busiest season for the car shipping industry. Everyone is eager to hit the beaches, causing traffic to get thick. The warm weather also makes it a perfect time to move. Rates may skyrocket, but some companies will choose to maintain a regular price since competition can get intense. The secret to reducing cost is to be keen in looking for those companies.


The car shipping business gradually becomes stagnant during the fall. After enjoying the heat of the summer rush, people are most likely too tired to move. Don’t be shy to take advantage of the lowered rates and the pretty calm atmosphere.


Thanks to the challenges that snow and blizzards present, shipping your car will take longer than usual. As a result, rates can increase. On top of that, most companies also take the holidays off. You might want to make a move before Christmas. Santa won’t be nice enough to ship your car!

Transport cost varies by season.

Cutting the Costs

Car shipping can be expensive that you will want to ease the burden on your wallet. Fortunately, a lot of companies offers a wide array of discounts, such as:

  • Student discounts: Mostly offered during summer and fall when it’s time to move to college.
  • Military discounts: Granted in the merit of service.
  • Senior discounts: To respect elders and their tight budget.
  • First-time shippers: Makes you comfortable enough to avail next time.
  • Early-bird: They say the early bird gets the worm. Time-limited but worth it.
  • Return customers: What company doesn’t value loyal customers?
  • Multiple car shipments: It’s like a buy-1-take-1 promo, but instead of a freebie, you get a discount.

Final Word of Advice

Transporting your car will always require you to spend a good deal of money. However, you don’t need to get too anxious about it. You can easily find reputable companies that transport vehicles at reasonable prices. Remember, affordable shipping comes down to your budget and willingness to transport your car safely. Good luck with your endeavors!

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